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SATA 2 to SATA 2 external/internal lead 2 metres

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Shielded cable designed for multiple insertions.
SATA 1 has L shaped slot and locating lug on opposite side.
SATA 2 or eSATA has a rectangular slot and locating lugs on both sides of the connector.
Up to 6 times faster than existing external storage solutions: USB 2.0, & 1394. USB and 1394 external drives are ATA drives with a bridge chip that translates from the ATA protocol to USB or 1394 protocol used for the connection. These interfaces require en-capsulation or conversion of the transmit data and then de-capsulation after the data is received. This protocol overhead reduces the efficiency of these host buses, increases the host CPU utilization or requires a special chip to off-load the host.

All sizes are approximate.
Products may vary from illustration.
YDL product reference L-SATES2S22M