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Cable Cat6 solid, GREY 305 metre PVC, (NOT LSOH )

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Cable Cat6 solid, grey, 305 metres. Designed for use in a Gigabit Ethernet applications and allows headroom for tomorrow's emerging high-speed LAN technologies. Bandwidth up to 250MHz with reduced attenuation

Cable external diameter 6.7mm
DC Resistance Unbalance of a pair: 5% max
Capacity Unbalance (pair to ground): 330 pf/100m max.
Propagation Delay Skew: 40nS/100m max
Normal Velocity of Propagation: 66%
ETL Verified.

While terminating Cat 6 cables, be sure that the natural twist of each pair is carried through as close as practical to the point of mechanical termination.
EIA/TIA 568A requires no more than 13mm untwisted for Cat 6 without affecting performance.
Cabling should be secured and placed in a manner which prevents kinking/bunching/clamping etc and should not be subjected to excessive bending especially around sharp corners.

All sizes are approximate.
Products may vary from illustration.
YDL product reference CS-CAT6SOL305M